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Participation in the United States Tennis Association (USTA) league at Cattail Creek continues to grow year-by-year. Howard County boasts the largest number of USTA members in the state!

USTA league participation is open to players of all levels, and all Members are encouraged to participate in one of our programs. There are a wide range of levels and we are happy to help you begin your tennis undertaking by helping you find the appropriate league.  

USTA has two divisions: Adult and Mixed. Within each division, there are several leagues. You can read more about USTA leagues by clicking here.

Adult 18 & Over League and Adult 40 & Over League  

The format of this league is 2 lines of singles and 3 lines of doubles. We are offering 2.5W, 3.0W, 3.5W/M and 4.0W/M levels. Women's matches are typically played daytime during the week.  Men's matches are typically scheduled for evenings and some weekend mornings.  

In addition to these offerings, we would like to add a 3.0 Men's League to the 'Adult 18 & Over' and/or 'Adult 40 & Over' leagues, depending on participation interest. If you are a player interested in joining a 3.0 Men's league, please contact Liz Baker.

Click here to read about Cattail Creek's USTA policies for Team Composition & the Draw.

April 18 - July 3
Team Registration
February 19 Deadline
Regionals (Adult 18 & Over | Ratings Ending in .5) July 7 - July 9 
Regionals (Adult 18 & Over | Ratings Ending in .0)
July 1 - July 23
Sectionals (Adult 18 & Over)
August 11 - August 14
Sectionals (Adult 40 & Over)
September 15 - September 18
Nationals (Adult 18 & Over) October 2017 TBD
Nationals (Adult 40 & Over) October 2017 TBD


Combo Mixed League

In lieu of the traditional Combo League that was held last year, we have decided to add the new Combo Mixed League this season. This league will consist of the standard Combo format, but will be open as a mixed league with these levels:


Your rating, plus your partner's rating, equals the level in which you will play; your combined rating can be lower than the level, but never higher. That means that a 3.0 player may play with a 2.5-rated player at the 5.5 level, or with a 3.5 at the 6.5 level, etc. The different levels give you a chance to play with and against other players that you may not normally be paired with.  We will play this league weekday evenings and weekends starting in August.  This league will play weekday evenings and weekends beginning in September. Combo mixed winning teams will advance to a Regional Championship in 2018.  

*Please note that the start dates, play times and locations are subject to change. Amendments to these will be corresponded through both email and social media. 

August - mid October
Team Registration
Summer 2017  
Spring 2018 

Men & Women Tri-Level Leagues
This league will consist of three different levels that will play in order of strength. This means, for example, the highest level will play at the D1 position and the lowest level will play at the D3 position. To ensure fairness among all players, you must play at your level. We are able to offering the follow levels:

· Women's -  [ 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 ] and/or [ 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 ] and/or [ 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 ] 
· Men's - [ 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 ] and/or [ 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 ]

Other combinations will be considered if there is any interest.

There is a required minimum of two players at each level to form a team, and the roster will be capped at 16 players. To ensure fairness among all players, you must play at your level. If there are enough players for the other levels, we will accommodate them.  

August - mid October
Team Registration
Summer 2017
Playoffs TBD
January 2018


Women's matches will be scheduled during the day and men's matches will be scheduled for weekday evenings and/or weekend mornings.  Times and locations of these matches will be communicated closer to the start of the league via both email and social media, so be sure that you are opted-in to receive email updates from the Tennis Staff and that you 'like' and follow Cattail Creek Tennis on Facebook.

Team Captains

Click here to let us know you are planning on captaining a team, or need help finding one. Non-Member player registration will be accepted after the Member registration deadline has expired.  An informational meeting was held in February 2016 to explain the Cattail USTA Leagues including new rules, ratings, and general tips on running a good team.

USTA Costs

Approximately $40 per player, per team registration (paid by both Members and non-Members)

New Non-Member & Dining Member Pricing

Effective January 1, 2017, the Cattail Creek Tennis Committee has approved a new pricing policy for non-Members and Dining Members.  Non-Members and Dining Members will now pay $50 for each team they play on, as opposed to a one-time $50 guest fee.  This is in alignment with other clubs that also run USTA. 

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