The Learning Center & Short Game Area

The Learning Center

Built in 2012, and located to the right of the Driving Range, this indoor, heated instructional facility allows golfers to take year-round lessons from our Golf Professionals. The building features state-of-the-art club fitting equipment and golf swing video analysis to hone your golfing skills all year long, regardless of weather. There are three bays; two for Member practice, and one dedicated to instruction. Schedule golf lessons online via the Club's website.

Please observe the following policies for the Learning Center:
1. Standard Cattail Creek golf dress code applies when using the Learning Center.
2. The Learning Center is smoke-free; smoking is permitted outside on the Learning Center’s porch.
3.Please cycle practice every 15 minutes when others are waiting to hit.

Learning Center Hours:

April - October
The Learning Center is open consistent with standard Driving Range hours.
November - March
Hours vary based on weather Approx. 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

The Short Game Area

2015 marked the Grand Opening of our new Short Game Practice Area (SGA). We invite you to take advantage of this new amenity and improve your short game this season. More than 50% of your shots, in any given round, come from inside 100 yards. That is why it is called the "scoring zone," and why a little practice here will make the biggest difference in lowering your handicap.

SGA Amenities
• Two greens 
• Three bunkers
• Multiple rough hollows
• Bentgrass fairway hitting areas

The lower green is larger and encourages practice putting as well as shorter chipping practice. Shots from the areas surrounding the lower green and patio area should only be directed towards the lower green, not the upper green. The upper green hosts a large fairway for longer (up to 50 yards) pitch shots. This fairway is easily accessed from the patio stairs. 

SGA Guidelines
The SGA helps golfers with feel, distance control, and accuracy.
• Be aware of where other people are practicing so no one is in an unsafe situation.
• The upper green is designed to help with your distance control and accuracy. To allow others to practice as well, please don’t putt on this green.
• Standing in one spot and hitting more than a few shots does not help with your feel, so move around and hit just one or two shots from a single area.
• Short game chips and pitches should not create divots.
• If you are hitting high lob shots to the lower green, please take a moment and x your ballmarks so everyone may enjoy the same Cattail experience.
• Please re-collect the practice balls you use.
• Shots may be directed towards the Driving Range from the upper right bunker.

SGA Restrictions
The Golf Professional Staff reserves the right to, on occasion, block off some of the area to conduct lessons and/or clinics. Clinics will be available throughout the season that are designed to improve specific short game skills and will include one-on- one instruction. It is our goal to have the conditions of the Short Game Area mirror those of the Golf Course, so some areas may be roped off in order to aid turf recovery from time to time.

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