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It's wet but not as bad as it could be

 Posted 5/24/2017

Yukon can't see that far anymore (he's 13) and I think on days where the sun doesn't come out he has an even tougher time.  He lost me on the Short Game Area on Monday and then just sat down in the tall grass, waiting to walk the back 9.  Don't worry though, I snuck up behind him and scared him, just to keep his blood flowing correctly!

Damp and wet is great for putting new plants in the ground.  We filled the front entrance bed with perennial geranium, oakleaf hydrangea and some annual zinnia.

The guys love installing plant material that they know they won't have to mow 2-7 times a week!

The less stressful days also mean we can be a bit more aggressive with the bentgrass.  We ran the verticutter over the tees on a diagonal.  The vertical blades slice off any unnecessary lateral growth and allow the tees to become more dense.

The debris from the verticutter was blown off the tee and then we mowed the bentgrass with the brushes down on our tee mowers.  For the first time ever, we mowed the tees in a perpendicular direction to our normal 6:00 to 12:00 mowing direction.  The result was a lot of material removed and nice tight playing surface.

We continue with our periodic sand topdressings of approaches this week.  The rain curbed our plans to get sand on the greens but we hope to get that done next week as we dry out.  The sand helps keep the surface smooth and firm, while protecting against mower and golfer traffic.

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Hot and sticky is no problem in spring with roots

 Posted 5/19/2017

In the hot and sticky weather this week we ran power for a new fan for #8 green.  The fan will be at the end of the line here, about two steps off the first cut on the back right of the green.  The maples behind the green continue to grow and block any sort of breeze coming from the west that would keep this green cool in the summer.  Even without the trees, the argument can easily be made that during our hot stagnant summers, every green on the property would enjoy a cool breeze blowing across it from a 55" fan.  The fan here on 8 will help keep the green firm and healthy, a must for a short par 3.

On Monday we once again went out with the verticutter and groomed the greens and approaches together.  The vertical blades help stand the grass up and take our any unnecessary lateral growth.  This promotes a dense, healthy surface.

The areas are blown off quickly and then mowed.  We collect about three times the amount of clippings as compared to a regular mowing.  This coming Monday we hope to verticut again but follow up with a light topdressing and a brush before mowing.  These processes go a long way in keeping our surfaces smooth and true.

One of our larger projects for the week was installing close to 1,000 annual and perennial flowers around the club.  You can see in this picture our perennials in the center island have tripled in size since last year.  Instead of having to plant the entire island full of flowering annuals we can just do a small strip across the center.  This program has allowed us to continue work our way across the club grounds and make sure every corner is attended to with quality plant material for the season.

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Cool this week but warmer weather on the way

 Posted 5/12/2017

The Golf Course was really playing nicely prior to the rain.  We are in our regular mowing patterns and the greens are smooth although there are still a few holes left out there which is not really a bad thing.  Summer weather will be here sooner than later so the more our turf can breathe and produce healthy roots, the better.

This past Sunday we had about 15 kids come out and help plant the Butterfly Garden for the year.  Our perennials that we planted about 5 years ago have really taken off so we just add about 200 flowering annuals into the garden.  The kids get to learn (or really tell me) about how important butterflies and other pollinators like bees are to the environment.  We also talk a little bit about the butterfly life cycle and where they migrate to as well as the features of the garden that they will enjoy this summer.  We have really transformed this hill into a bustling pollinator habitat!

Once the sun came back out on Monday we quickly dusted the greens with some sand.  This should help seal up some holes and further smooth out the putting surfaces.

We did see some wear damage on the big putting green Monday morning.  If you are going to try and get rid of your yips, move around the cup a bit.  Standing in one spot isn't going to help your stroke, or our turf!

A little more drastic damage happened on Tuesday when 3 of our employees were mulching around the trees on the entrance road.  Our red workman was parked on the side of the road and a vehicle exiting Cattail Creek Drive slammed square into the front of it.  Two guys jumped out of the way of the spinning workman and one person got grazed by the back of the cart on her knee.  We were lucky nothing worse happened but this $30,000 vehicle is pretty much totaled.

The cool season grasses didn't mind the cool temperatures and frosts this week but some of the bermudagrass on the range tee got dinged up.  The warm weather next week should get the bermuda growing again and we should some pretty decent turf to hit off of this year.

We spent a lot of time this week on weedeaters.  Around the Course everything like railroad ties, trees, benches, fans, rock walls and trash cans have been trimmed around.  We also finished up hacking down the native area hill to the right of 12.  Our main reason for mowing down the natives right now is for weed control, the mowing sets everything back to square one.  Additionally we would hope it speeds up play slightly and helps with the playability of each hole containing native grasses along the fairways.

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