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Warm and dry, ready for some fall projects

 Posted 10/21/2016

Despite the near record warmth this week, it is fall and it is dark outside in the morning now.  We have lights on most of our equipment now but we start the day at 6:30 am instead of 6 these days.  The shorter days mean less time for the grass to soak up the sun so growth has definitely slowed down.  We have been alternating rolling and mowing on greens in order to limit wear and keep green speeds around average or a little above.

Mowing fairways in the dark and following the burned in lines takes skill, these guys have it!

The dry weather over the past month (literally no rain in October) has made it tough to get any tall fescue seed to go anywhere.  With the prospect of rain today, we went out Thursday and aerated thin spots on the left of #10 rough and heavily overseeded the areas.  We will keep this area soaked with sprinklers in order to encourage the new seed to germinate and fill in.

Our range tee has once again taken a beating this year and we are just about out of space to hit off the grass.  Closing Day is tomorrow and after that it will be a rare occurrence that the range will be set up on the grass.  The bermudagrass has long since stopped growing and the ryegrass has not done much over the past few weeks so recovery from divots is non-existent right now until April of next year.  The Green Committee has made the decision to install a rubber cushion under the artificial hitting mat as soon as possible.  We have been testing the cushion with good results here on this end of the mat for the past two months.  We have ordered the mat/cushion and will get it installed asap along with the new adjustable tees.  Once installation is complete we sincerely hope that this will limit people hitting off the grass in front of the mat and turning it into a mud hole all winter.  In addition to the cushion, next year we will install 2 hitting mats like what are in the Learning Center on either side of the continuous hitting mat.

Another area that has taken a beating this year is the white/blue tee on #2.  This tee is crowned so the edges, and subsequently 40% of the tee, are virtually unplayable.  The tee is heavily shaded so it is more susceptible to foot damage and increased golfer wear.  We actually replaced the hitting area on this tee two years ago when we stole sod from the old ten tees and it has yet again been torn up.

We have made the decision to go ahead and rebuild the white/blue tee and modify the gold tee this fall.  The white/blue tee will be completely stripped, leveled, expanded and then re-sodded.  This will double our current usable hitting space and allow us to better rotate the wear on this tee.  We will steal some sod from the gold tee as that tee is made into a more manageable and intelligent size.  We will also install pavers along the cartpath and connect them right to the bentgrass tee on the left side.  We may look to get this project started towards the end of next week in order to get it completed before we start aerating fairways on November 8th.  The gold tee will remain open for play during the work.

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Frost, fog, sod and a sign

 Posted 10/13/2016

Some temperatures deep into the 30s early in the week produced some pretty healthy frost on the turf.  This frost seems a little early since it feels like it was 90+ not too long ago.  The frost certainly slows the growth of the turf but it also send Gray leaf spot packing for the year which is good for rough recovery.  Our seedlings that have been fighting through the dry weather get set back a bit this is just another reason we put way more stock in sodding than seeding.  As temperatures drop the bentgrass growth on the greens, tees and fairways slows as well but this actually allows us to complete more small projects because of less mowing frequency.  We have been alternating mowing and rolling on greens so far with good results.

The cold air dropping down on to some warm soil and water temperatures produced some solid fog on Wednesday.  We want the soil temps to stay up for a few more weeks since we are in prime root growing weather.

The center island in front of the Clubhouse is enjoying its fall transition.  The daises have been cut back, the begonias are still full, the table mountain sun flower is glowing yellow and the asters are about to blow up into a blanket of purple color.  One more year and the dazzleberry sedum around the border will be filled in and we will really have a nice year round focal area.

The bulk of our time this week was spent finishing up the front entrance project.  The turf up here was never really up to par, it was unirrigated and the species were scattered.  We stripped the existing grass and installed nine new irrigation heads to supply water to the new fescue sod as well as the newly expanded mulch bed.

Vinny and Jr started on the stone work around the sign first thing Monday morning and finished up Tuesday.  Once again, doing this type of work in house kept us within the budget and made the project feasible.

Tall fescue sod went down around the entrance on Thursday.  We also filled in a few more spots mainly through the front nine that were either stressed from summer disease or fall grub/raccoon activity.

The new sign fits the space nicely and came in just a tick over our given budget.  Like we said in the weekly update, a large amount of considerations went into this project before the sign went into the ground last week.  The county permitting process once again proved ridiculous and dragged through the season.  We are well aware that members know where to turn into the club so the purpose of this project went past that.  Primarily we are hoping to attract new members that may not have know we were here.  Additionally the sign will help guests and patrons of all club events get to the right area the first time.  The sign should also help us reach more potential employees and also help our vendors and truck drivers turn down the correct side of the street.  I doubt any members realize the amount of time wasted and the utter embarrassment of tracking down guests or deliveries on the wrong side of the street or the awkwardness of giving directions that indicate turning away from the giant brick walls on the other side of the street.  In a week or so members and neighbors will be gliding by the sign like it has been there for 24 years and our club  as a whole will be operating better and more smoothly, a common goal for everyone who turns down Cattail Creek Drive.

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Finally a beautiful week of weather

 Posted 10/7/2016

Fall really is the best time of the year.  You get to enjoy crisp mornings and you aren't worried about the grass growing too slowly as soil temperatures remain optimal.  We look forward to having the Course dry out again and have things shape up for some great fall golf.

After a long wet weekend we had all four rough mowers out on Monday hacking down grass.  The rough is back under control and alot of our seed from last week is starting to germinate.

Last week our greens were also growing quickly.  On Monday we vertically mowed them, removing alot of lateral growth which helps stand the plant up for a better cut and creates a tighter surface.  We then lightly topdressed them and ran the brush over once the surface was dry.  The brush stands the turf up nicely so we took the mowers out for a great dry cut.  This process has been completed over 10 times this year and really is the cornerstone of having great putting surfaces.

Monday was a busy day as MT Laney was out on 14 putting some beautiful new asphalt down.  This hill was one of our worst areas on the paths but now it has turned into the best.  The Green Committee continues to evaluate the conditions of our paths and we have to balance plenty of other Course and Club needs as we work through improving our aging cartpaths.

Our holes for the entrance sign are prepped and will be putting the actual sign in the ground today.  The sign will cure through the weekend and then we will begin stone work around the posts and under the sign next week.

The staff put in some longer days this week to get caught up on small details like edging tee plaques, weedeating some native areas and filling divots.

The fans on #1 and #6 have been removed and stored for the season.  These fans pushed air over our most pocketed greens and their close proximity to the green significantly helped our turf stay alive through a brutal summer.  It is great to see them off and out of the way finally!

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