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Blasting into summertime

 Posted 5/26/2016

Some summer weather has dropped into place and the Golf Course is enjoying the chance to dry out.  Growth in the rough will slow down as temperatures increase and the rain tails off.  We have been able to put our growth regulator programs into place on the greens, tees and fairways which helps us reduce mowing frequency while increasing consistency and quality.

Our normal bunker maintenance on Monday's includes push mowing the steep banks and weedeating the edges.  Keeping up with the edges with the weedeater has meant a nice clean edge and really only going out with shovels to cut a new edge once a year, if at all.

Our big project for the week was installing the new patio up at the new Halfway House.  Last week we shaped in the area and now with the pleasant weather we can get the pavers down.  Crushed stone is tamped in and then covered with concrete sand which is again compacted.  Ultimately this is more tedious than floating out and sodding a new green!  We start laying the pavers in a herringbone pattern and work to cut in the border all the way around the patio.  Mr. Lombardo's stone subcontractors also started work Wednesday to extend our retaining wall in order to hold the soil and mulch in from the driving range tee side.

The stone guys worked their magic on the new wall which has turned out really nice.  They also started facing the new outside walls for the Halfway House as we continued laying down pavers.

Our paver work continued and the building is shaping up and fitting in nicely.  The new patio is easily accessible from some new stone steps from the range tee.  There will be plenty of room to maneuver and sit down or grab a quick bite to eat and go.  Pavers have been installed along the cartpath to allow carts to pull off so golfers can walk up to the House.  The windows were installed on Thursday and the finishing touches to the outside will be pretty close to being completed by the end of the day Friday.  Next week the F&B team will get their equipment loaded in and we will be open for business soon thereafter!

With the warmer more humid weather in the forecast we took some time to get our new fan installed on #6.  The old fan will be used for parts as the other 5 fans on the Course continue to get older.  The new fan can work at a variable speed, enabling us to have it running harder when its hot and slower at night so the green doesn't dry out too fast.  It also runs smoother and is a little more quiet than the old fan.  The fans on all of our pocketed greens help the bentgrass survive the sticker weather by moving air across the surface and keeping surface temperatures in check and comparable to the rest of our greens that are in much better growing environments.

This spring has been another odd weather anomaly.  The wet conditions and lack of sun have actually brought on a disease known as Anthracnose to the sycamore trees.  Sycamores are susceptible to Anthracnose in cool, wet conditions but not many people have seen such a widespread and intense undertaking as what is happening right now.  This susceptibility is the reason why London Plane trees have come into favor instead of sycamores.  Either way, as the weather changes, the trees will leaf back out and in a few weeks it will be like nothing ever happened.  If only we could let the turf get diseased and wait a month for it to get back into shape, ha!!

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Moving along in between the rain

 Posted 5/19/2016

Once again on Monday we had the verticutter out doing work.  We not only did we have it on the greens but the approaches as well.  The bentgrass aprons allow us to remove leggy bentgrass on the greens and approaches at the same time.  This has greatly improved the transition from approach to green this year.

In addition to the verticutter, we also went out with the solid tine aerator on the tees and approaches.  These small holes will help dry the surfaces out which need all the help they can get after all the rain over the last few weeks.  We followed up the aeration with a light topdressing in order to help firm up the moist bentgrass surface.

A light topdressing was applied to the greens as well.  The topdressing helps protect the crown of the plant from mower, roller and golfer traffic.  The topdressing helps fill up the small layer of thatch that is inherent with bentgrass and this ultimately keeps the green surface firm, consistent and rolling smooth.

The light amount of topdressing was brushed into the greens and then we mowed them dry in the afternoon for a great quality cut.  As you can see this process takes up the entire day,.  Having a full Monday to get these projects done goes a long way in increasing the quality of our Golf Course.

On Tuesday as the rain started to fall again we were able to apply gypsum, magnesium and potassium to the greens as well as the tees.  The rain the rest of the day washed the products in and will help continue building a healthy turf through the summer.

This past Wednesday was National Golf Day.  For the past 7 years our local Superintendents association has helped the national association advocate for out industry.  We have been responsible for setting up a display in the one of the congressional buildings on the capital.  This year we had 66 additional superintendents from across the country come to the capital and attend meetings with their senators and house representatives.  We get a variety of people coming through our display and we attempt to enlighten them as much as possible about how good golf courses are for the economy and the environment.

Here is a quick video from the CEO of GCSAA talking about golf courses and the environment:

Work is coming to a head up at the Halfway House.  We have the base for the new patio graded out and yesterday we poured the footer for the retaining wall extension pictured here.  Felix put some nice new stone steps in on Wednesday and the stone contractors should be here today to extend the wall out and start facing the new halfway house addition.  We plan put the gravel base down for the patio today and then start installing the pavers on Monday.

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15 straight days of rain but we are ok

 Posted 5/13/2016

After getting hammered last Saturday with 1.2 inches of rain, we have collected another .6 this week.  This is on top of 3 inches last week!  Despite the rain we have been able to continue mowing and keep the Course in pretty good shape.  While it is not as firm as we want it, a few sunny days will seal it right up.  Keeping these surfaces playable right now is purely a product of our aeration and topdressing programs.  Without them our greens, tees and fairways would be puffy, super soft and thinning out right now because of the moisture levels and lack of sun.  We are far from seeing those issues come about!

On Monday we once again put the verticutter on the greens.  The vertical blades stand the grass up and after a light topdressing and brush, the greens are rolling beautifully.

Also on Monday morning we saw where someone decided to do 10-12 donuts out on 7 fairway Sunday night.  Waverly Woods had a bad run of vandalism the past few weeks but the idiots there got caught by the police the other day.  If you see someone in a personal cart out late on the Golf Course and it looks like they are up to no good please say something to them and notify me asap.

We continue to lower the height on the approaches and utilize our new brush attachments.  The striping is awesome and the approaches are playing well.

Big thanks goes to Mr. Steve Klein for letting us borrow his excavator for some small projects.  We were finally able to finish off the curb here on the right side of 3 cartpath.  We are also using the excavator to prep the area behind the new halfway house.  Our goal is to get that building and new patio area finished up by the end of the month.

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