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Summer is on the way

 Posted 5/22/2015

This past Sunday we had a great crowd to help plant the Cattail Kids Butterfly garden behind the clubhouse.  The perennials we planted a few years ago are still doing well and provide a nice environment for caterpillars.  All the annual flowers we installed are butterfly friendly and should produce plenty of nectar for many different butterflies.  The Butterfly Garden is just a small part of our entire commitment to being a certified Audubon Sanctuary.

The new Short Game Area is holding up extremely well to divots and wear.  Although these divot patterns pictured here are not ideal, the seed in the divots is germinating and the bentgrass around the divots are creeping in.  Divots from the grand opening weekend are very close to being fully covered so that means it is taking just less than a month for divots to recover.  Please continue to spread your wear around and keep enjoying this new facility!

Out on the Golf Course we have finally seen our fungus activity perk up.  This is the latest we have seen the dollar spot fungus make an appearance in a long time.  This is mainly due to the health of our soils and also some timely cold nights.  Dollar spot can quickly run rampant on our bentgrass fairways when the environmental conditions are correct.  We applied a new to the market fungicide to the fairways on Tuesday.  The use rate was just 9 ounces of fungicide to cover an entire acre!  It is amazing what technology can do for us these days and it certainly helps improve the quality of the turf.

From awesome new technology to Egyptian technology!  Thanks to Mr. Pete Laake for donating this sea container to the Green Department!  As you may know, the barn on #8 houses all of our larger equipment, including our rough mowers that we use on a daily basis.  We spend 2-3 total man hours per day driving back and forth to the barn to get equipment.  With this "new to us" container, we can lock up the rough mowers here at our main shop each afternoon and save us a ton of accumulated time.  Our John Deere distributor, Finch Services was nice enough to haul the container for Mr. Laake's office to our shop.  We then had to use some steel poles to slide the container into place.  Who knows what the Egyptians could have built if they had a tractor and a skidsteer!

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It's pretty dry out here

 Posted 5/15/2015

Our big project for the week, besides handwatering and keeping the Golf Course alive, was installing about 1500 plants around the clubhouse.  Each year we try and pick one or two specific areas to revamp and this year was the front of the clubhouse.  We pulled out two more barberries from this center island along with the ratty Japanese bloodgrass.  We installed some crystal alyssum as a border and then filled in the island with dragonwing begonias and salvia caradonna.

The front of the clubhouse has been sub par for quite some time.  The two boxwoods had grown to different sizes, with the right one blocking the two columns completely.  The China doll hollies were thin and just in poor shape.  There was not much direction or definition up here.

We completely removed all the older plants and ground covers here and really opened up the front entrance.  Dwarf burford hollies were put in as a background.  They will not get huge and will have some nice winter berries.  Lantana was placed in between the hollies and the border alyssum and will fill in and give us great color all season.  Some coleus was placed in the pots.  It is a simple but clean design and it really makes an impact as you drive in now since the actual front entrance is easy to see from the road.

I had a hard time trying to form an explanation for this picture taken on 8 white tee during Men's Guest Day on Wednesday.  Did all 7 of these tees do a disservice to the golfer and force him to hit his ball into the water, meaning they were not worthy of continuing on with the round?  The green bands of color were worn off two tees slightly but I don't think that affects performance very much.  Was one tee there to start and then people thought it was lonely and it needed a few friends?  I'm not sure.  I do know that anything laying on the Golf Course that isn't grass, is litter.  This also includes cigar labels and wrappers, cracker wrappers and so on.  Please help us keep the Course clean by putting litter in its place, the trash can.  The perfectly good tees pictured here are now in my golf bag and will last me all season.  Thank you!

This week we started our trial with an experimental product named Poa Cure.  This is a herbicide that has been used in Korea for a few years with great success at taking Poa annua out of bentgrass.  We are invloved in an EPA sanctioned permit to explore the saftey of this new herbicide.  We have sprayed a few small areas on fairways as well as 4 white (pictured) and 18 white tees.  The blue dots indicate a test plot where the herbicide was not applied.  The process of the Poa annua melting out is supposed to be slow in order to give the bentgrass an opportunity to fill in.  We will make 4 applications total, two in the spring and two in the fall.  We are very excited to see how the product works so that we can use it as a tool to help rid our property of Poa.

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Summer is here already

 Posted 5/8/2015

We had perfect weather on Sunday for the official Short Game Area Grand Opening.  It was great to see so many people out and appreciative of the work that was completed.  Roger Cleveland gave some great clinics and over 100 new wedges were ordered.  The area is holding up well to wear so far.  Hopefully everyone is familiar with the guidelines that have been posted and emailed out.  Following these recommendations will help everyone have an equally enjoyable experience.

We continue to drop the height down on the Short Game Area greens and roll them.  Depending on how the weather treats us, the greens should be rolling pretty consistent with the Golf Course greens in a few weeks.  You can see slight bruising from the rollers this week and that is ok.  As the greens mature, they will be able to take more stress and we will continue to supplement the new turf with the proper nutrients so that they will be more resilient.

Last year during the Short Game Area planning process, we communicated that once the SGA was open, there would be no need for any bunkers at the old chipping green.  The deletion of the bunkers means that everyone can be in a safe position when getting ready for their round.  In addition, we will not be supplying any range balls at the chipping green.  We want this area to utilized for a quick confidence builder before you tee off.  The SGA was designed and built for concentrated practice.  The sand from this final bunker was removed and transported to other bunkers on the Course in need of more sand.  There was about a 10 inch deep build up of sand on this bunker face which was removed and hauled away.

The area was stripped and shaped in to provide a small rough grass hollow and also give much better walking access to the green.

The area was sodded with fresh turf type tall fescue sod, soaked and roped off.  We are happy to say this is the last little bit of sod we will be laying for a few months, we are ready for a break!

We are well back into our routine of manicuring the Golf Course.  Besides putting some extra time into a few select fairways like 5, 6, 11 and 12, we fill divots on every fairway on Thursday mornings.  We put as many people as possible on the "Divot Party" and try to knock out all 16 fairways by lunch time.  This allows us to stay out of the way of play which basically reduces the amount of time spent on fairway divots by 300%.  Remember, if you take a divot and can find it, please replace it.  Otherwise, we will be close behind to fill it perfectly with a sand and seed mixture that will fill back in a few weeks.

Enjoy the summer weather, Spring should be back by the end of next week!

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